Why Am I Depressed? What is the Real Reason Behind Depression?

Do you need some insight into why am I depressed? You might be wondering if this is something that happens to me all the time, then it should be easy to get over it, but it’s not.

There are times when I’m not up to par mentally, but in reality, I don’t just wake up and be down, it’s a set of circumstances, such as my job being less than ideal or me running into a crisis and doing nothing to help myself. I also see friends and family go through what I’m going through, that’s pretty depressing.

However, having this feeling is not that terrible, because there are many people who are living in a hopeless situation and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, what’s wrong with me?

You may think that this is not something that should be on your mind, but this is definitely the case with me. When someone asks me, “why am I depressed?” I’m supposed to be able to quickly give you a variety of answers, but the truth is, I don’t even know!

This may be sad for you, but I understand that I might be depressed. How does this make sense to you? My depression can be triggered by other things that happen, such as a difficult family member, who doesn’t accept me and has no interest in my happiness. Or it can be caused by something that goes on in my mind, such as the death of a loved one.

Some people will tell you that depression is a ‘funk’, a disease, a disorder, it’s a sickness, you can see, but this isn’t true. Just because depression is a mental condition, such as a disease, it doesn’t mean that there is only one reason why someone gets depressed, there are many reasons.

If you want to know what the real reason is, there is only one answer to that question, it’s not always physically caused. Some of the reasons are relationships, and family, health, financial, loss, loss of belief in life, etc. It’s those very reasons that make you be depressed, and something that you need to work on, so you can be happy again.

In the end, here is an image that summarizes the main causes of depression.

beating depression