Anxiety is Not the Same As Depression

In a society where anxiety disorders are so prevalent, it is surprising that how common is anxiety. One might think that this would be an issue that would affect only the young or the very old, but it is not true. Anxiety and depression affect just about everyone at some point in their lives. People live for years being the victims of this disorder. Since so many people experience this disorder every day, it is important to understand what causes this problem. As you can see, anxiety is not the same thing as depression. If you do not understand what causes the two conditions, you will never be able to control them.

What is common between anxiety and depression is that they both stem from a lack of self-confidence. People who suffer from anxiety, if they did not have a lot of confidence in themselves, would not suffer from the condition. Those who suffer from depression, on the other hand, usually have a high level of self-confidence. Most people who suffer from this disorder have a high level of self-esteem. They feel that the world sees them as a person who can be trusted. But as you can see, this is not the case.

Many people who are anxious always see themselves as failures and this makes them feel ashamed. Unfortunately, those who suffer from this disorder always think that they are not as good as the people around them. When this happens, they often go into depression. These people who are depressed do not think that they have the ability to change and the fact that they do not think that they can make a difference, will lead them to panic attacks. Those who are anxious, on the other hand, will tend to avoid contact with people who are not familiar with them. The result is that they are constantly involved in social situations, which lead to anxiety attacks.